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About Us

The Origin of Hibachi

The term hibachi in Japanese: 火鉢, means "fire bowl" which describes the traditional round Japanese heating device designed to hold burning charcoal. The hibachi grill is said to date back to the Heian period, which existed between 794 and 1185 AD.


In North America, the term hibachi refers to an open-grate cooking stove, typically used to cook larger items.

Our Hibachi chefs use custom-made Hibachi grills to cook food, while they perform in front of guests.

The Origin of Hibachi House

After years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry, our founder, Wendy Espinoza, decided that it was time was something for different — It was time for something for better, something exceptional! Wendy wanted to change the catering game, with her vision and expertise, she created Hibachi House.


At Hibachi House, we only work with the best chefs — Our chefs are culinary storytellers and performers, that have years of experience. We handpick each member of our team, to ensure that they all embody authenticity, radiate warm hospitality and connect to the culinary traditions of regional Japan.

We cater fresh, flavorful food for events including movie productions, photoshoots, birthday parties, weddings, graduations, corporate events, release parties and other special occasions. We also offer our elite clientele non-disclosure agreements upon request.

Let's make your next event an unforgettable one, with Hibachi House!

We prepare, cook and entertain on site for you and your guests. 

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